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29 September 2023

EarthScope congratulates community winners of 2023 AGU awards

EarthScope Consortium would like to congratulate a number of community members—including former staff members, collaborative projects, and individuals who have volunteered considerable time as Board of Directors members or short course instructors—on receiving 2023 AGU awards.

22 September 2023

International Undergraduate Interns Gain Skills and Mentorship in Seismology and Geodesy

This summer, EarthScope hosted seven students as part of the International Undergraduate Internship for Seismology and Geodesy Skills Building. Interns from six different countries spent the summer working virtually on a seismology or geodesy research project.

15 September 2023

EarthScope Consortium to support new NSF-funded Cascadia earthquake research center

EarthScope Consortium will be one of 16 institutions participating in the new NSF-funded Cascadia Region Earthquake Science Center (CRESCENT), which will study the Cascadia subduction zone and improve earthquake resiliency and preparedness across the Pacific Northwest.

Science and Society
22 August 2023

Former intern finds curious signal in geyser eruption data

Seismic monitoring of Yellowstone’s Steamboat Geyser showed that signals appeared weaker in winter—because of snow cover.

Science and Society
16 August 2023

Alaska earthquake data shows potential for early warning

During the summer of 2021, the magnitude 8.2 Chignik earthquake ruptured on the Alaskan coast, providing scientists, such as a team led by Parameswaran of University of Alaska Fairbanks, with a test case for a future early warning system for the region.

10 August 2023

Intern Spotlight: Bailey Fitzgerald (Student Career)

Bailey Fitzgerald is a fourth year PhD student at Ohio State University studying the relationship between earthquakes and underwater landslides. This summer Bailey has been selected to participate in the Student Career Internship program as a science communication intern.

Science and Society
9 August 2023

The Cascadia Slow Slip Phenomenon

The Cascadia Subduction Zone is not your typical subduction zone. It is characterized by unique “slow slip events” that occur in the intervals between megathrust earthquakes along the fault.

8 August 2023

Intern Spotlight: Danielle Matthews (Geo-Launchpad)

This summer Danielle is working with Dr. Sharon Bywater-Reyes of University of Northern Colorado on measuring and mapping the topography of St. Vrain Creek in northern Colorado.

Science and Society
7 August 2023

A Day is Not Always 24 Hours: How Earth’s Shifting Systems Cause Day Length Variation

Believe it or not, the length of each day is not always exactly 24 hours. Though the changes may be virtually undetectable to the regular person, scientists are uniquely aware of the lengthening and shortening of days over time.