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Science and Society
13 June 2024

What’s tearing the western U.S. apart?

Different forces are tearing the western U.S. apart. Which ones are most important?

Science and Society
10 June 2024

Cracking ice: seismic signals identify most rapid rupture recorded on Antarctic ice shelf

In Western Antarctica, the Pine Island Glacier ice shelf cracks and calves. One of these rifting events was observed via seismic sensors, demonstrating that while the tear was slower than expected, it’s still the fastest through-cutting fracture in a floating ice shelf ever recorded.

Science and Society
5 June 2024

GPS stations are now part of the ShakeAlert® Earthquake Early Warning System network

GPS stations augment seismometers, significantly improving the system’s ability to accurately detect the largest earthquakes.

3 June 2024

Common Sensor Platform team releases engineering design for community feedback

Following two years of planning and developmental work, the Common Sensor Platform (CSP) team has released an initial design of instrumentation components and engineering practices.

3 June 2024

Cloud case study: a seismic processing tutorial for your first foray

A recent paper helpfully documents a basic cloud computing project, including a practical introduction to the key concepts you need to know. Check out our interview with one of the authors!

28 May 2024

SSA meeting recap: Harnessing the power of cloud computing

Events like this help us take the pulse of our community—highlighting for us how the growth of cloud computing is progressing and why, for example. Here’s a short summary of what we heard.

Science and Society
27 May 2024

Greenland GPS network measures the ice sheet’s weight loss

In a recent study, researchers treat the entire GNET network as a single instrument weighing the loss of Greenland’s ice.

11 April 2024

With computational notebooks, code can tell a story

If you aren’t yet familiar with notebooks, here’s a primer on what they are—and why many in science find them useful.

Science and Society
8 April 2024

GPS data capturing eclipse phenomena in ionosphere

The passing shadow of the eclipse creates a natural experiment, suddenly reducing solar energy to an isolated area of the ionosphere.