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Learn about GeoCareers


Seismology Skill Building Workshop


Remote Online Sessions for Emerging Seismologists

Short Courses

Want to learn about geophysics? Improve your mentoring skills? Maybe you want to learn how to provide the best geophysics instruction possible!  We offer a number of learning opportunities that serve a range of learners across a variety of time spans and modalities.

Learn About GeoCareers

Unearth Your Future: How You Can Shape the Geoscience Profession for the Needs of the 21st Century,” is a 3-5-hour course geared towards undergraduate students that shares new perspectives on geoscience and geophysics careers, workforce information, and contains key strategies for conducting a successful job search. It’s ideal for instructors who want to integrate geoscience career information into their courses, or for students who want to learn more about geoscience careers and how to get a job. The course also introduces diversity, equity and inclusion in a way that seamlessly intertwines geoscience content with concepts like mitigating microaggressions, addressing imposter syndrome, and applying active bystander intervention techniques.

Seismology Skill Building Workshop

A FREE, mostly asynchronous, 13-week-long summer workshop to build introductory scientific computing skills within a seismological context.

Remote Online Sessions for Emerging Seismologists (ROSES)

A free, synchronous and asynchronous summer exploration of advanced topics in geophysics.