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Advisory Committee Nominations

The EarthScope Consortium Board of Directors is looking for volunteers to help guide and shape our new vision by serving on its Advisory Committees. The five EarthScope Advisory Committees will provide valuable insight and guidance to the new EarthScope Board, and will serve as important liaisons between the Consortium and the facility user community.

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for any of these committees, please fill out the Interest in EarthScope Consortium Governance Form.

While the duration of inaugural committee member commitments will vary, the typical Advisory Committee member is expected to serve a 3 year term, with three new members rotating onto the committee each year. Committee members are expected to participate in training related to onboarding, governance best practices, ethics, and implicit bias at the beginning of their terms.

Member Responsibilities:

  • Be Informed: Participate in Onboarding, Governance Best Practices Training, and Ethics and anti-Bias Training.
  • Be Visible: Actively solicit input from the broad stakeholder community.
  • Be Fair and Impartial: Faithfully represent broader community needs and perspectives.
  • Be Honest: Committee members should seek to meet the highest standards of transparency and ethics.
  • Be an Active Committee Member:
    • Prepare for and attend committee meetings (no more than two in-person meetings per year; Additional virtual meetings likely).
    • Review and edit meeting briefing materials in advance of the next meeting
    • Actively participate in committee discussions

Member/Committee Support to be provided by EarthScope:

  • Limited caregiver support for governance participation
  • Hybrid option available for all meetings
  • Access to online resources for communication and record-keeping
  • Administrative support including minutes-keeping at meetings
  • Training in committee purpose, governance leading practices, and past committee actions
  • Onboarding education describing responsibilities of governance members to represent broad interests
  • Bias and ethics training

EarthScope Board of Directors

Member / OrganizationTerm Start / Term End
Lara Wagner (Chair)
Carnegie Institution for Science
Jan 2023 / Dec 2024
Gareth Funning (Vice Chair)
University of California, Riverside
Jan 2023 / Dec 2025
Leigh Stearns (Secretary)
The University of Kansas
Jan 2023 / Dec 2023
Brandon Schmandt (Treasurer)
University of New Mexico
Jan 2023 / Dec 2023
Kristel Chanard
Institut de physique du globe de Paris
Jan 2023 / Dec 2025
Zachary Eilon
University of California, Santa Barbara
Jan 2023 / Dec 2025
Jeffrey Freymueller
Michigan State University
Jan 2023 / Dec 2023
Paul Lundgren
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jan 2023 / Dec 2024
Beatrice Magnani
Southern Methodist University
Jan 2023 / Dec 2025
Anne Sheehan
University of Colorado
Jan 2023 / Dec 2023
Frederik Simons
Princeton University
Jan 2023 / Dec 2024
Tonie van Dam
University of Utah
Jan 2023 / Dec 2024

Integration and Innovation Advisory Committee

The Integration and Innovation Committee investigates possible new strategic opportunities for the EarthScope Consortium on topics such as emerging applications and technologies, leading practices in science support, and/or new or major revenue source.

Name/OrganizationTerm Start/Term End
Marine Denolle (Chair)
University of Washington
January 2023/January 2025
Rick Aster
Colorado State University
January 2023/January 2024
Roland Burgmann
University of California, Berkeley
January 2023/January 2024
Chunli Dai
University of Florida
March 2023/January 2025
Ronni Grapenthin
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
January 2023/January 2024
Heiner Igel
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
March 2023/January 2026
Harriet Lau
Brown University
March 2023/January 2026