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Mailing Lists

EarthScope Consortium manages mailing lists (Google Groups) to communicate with our community and facilitate community feedback, support, and communications of both general and specific interests.

Our general announcements list was formed by merging the subscriber lists of IRIS and UNAVCO lists. Other lists will be migrated or created soon, so please stay tuned.

Signing up

We prefer that you sign up for our mailing lists using your professionally affiliated/institutional email address and not a personal email address.

You can sign up for our mailing lists without a Google account, but if you would like to manage your preferences and more easily see your list memberships, you will want to have a Google account. (Note: You don’t need a Gmail account to create a Google account.)

General Announcements

To subscribe, visit the Google Groups page or simply send a blank email to

Community Job Announcements

This list is used to advertise job opportunities in geophysics and related communities. When submitting an opportunity, please email and:

  • Put the job description in the text of the message—do not include PDF or other email attachments.
  • Put the job title in the subject.
  • Include a closing date for the position.
  • Send your message exactly as it should appear to users—the text will not be edited, so if it starts with “Dear EarthScope, please post this job” that will appear in the final message.

To subscribe, visit the Google Groups page or simply send a blank email to