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Courses and Workshops

2024 Seismology Skill Building Workshop

DATE(S): June 10 to August 30, 2024 Location: Virtual

The seismology skill building workshop is a FREE ~70 hour online course to build scientific computing and computational thinking skills while working with seismic data. Participants should expect to invest approximately 5-6 hours per week, including participating in the weekly webinar (or watching the recording).  At the end of the workshop participants receive a performance report certificate.

Courses and Workshops

2024 Technical Short Course: GNSS Data Processing and Analysis with GAMIT/GLOBK and track

DATE(S): July 22-26, 2024 Location: Virtual

The course is designed to benefit anyone (undergraduate and above) who intends to process GNSS data, manipulate GNSS products for their research or understand more about the specifics of any GNSS product which they may use.

Courses and Workshops

2024 Technical Short Course: InSAR Processing and Analysis (ISCE+)

DATE(S): August 5-9, 2024 Location: Virtual

This course will cover basic & advanced InSAR theory, InSAR processing with the JPL/Caltech InSAR Scientific Computing Environment (ISCE), methods for mitigating noise in InSAR data, access the ARIA standard InSAR product and prepare them for time-series analysis using ARIA-tools, InSAR time-series analysis with the MintPy software, pixel offset tracking, and basic data interpretation and modeling.

Courses and Workshops

2024 Teaching Near-surface Geophysics to Undergraduates from Intro to Majors

DATE(S): August 6-8, 2024 Location: Golden, Colorado

This workshop provides the foundation for Earth science instructors to integrate near-surface geophysics instrumentation and methods into their undergraduate courses — from introductory to majors-level.

Courses and Workshops

2024 Technical Short Course: Multi-GNSS Precise Point Positioning and PRIDE PPP-AR

DATE(S): September 10 & 12, 2024 Location: Virtual

This course will cover the application of PPP in various fields such as geodesy, seismology, aerial photogrammetry, engineering surveys, and meteorology.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 Events