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About EarthScope

EarthScope Consortium is a consortium dedicated to supporting transformative global geophysical research and education.

We are a global community of hundreds of employees and tens of thousands of scientists, scholars, and educators. Our goal is to advance human understanding of the Earth and its physical systems by democratizing access to geophysical observations and practices.

A merger to reach new heights

EarthScope Consortium formed from the merger of IRIS and UNAVCO, which began discussions in 2019 focused on how both organizations could collectively work together to further advance geophysics. The process of this merger was documented on the Joining Forces website.

From 2003 to 2018, IRIS and UNAVCO collaborated as part of the EarthScope community project, an NSF-funded program that deployed thousands of geophysical instruments to study the structure and evolution of the North American continent. The EarthScope project deployed the transportable USArray and constructed the Plate Boundary Observatory (now known as the Network of the Americas). In the same spirit, EarthScope Consortium aims to provide cutting-edge geophysical instrumentation and data, along with resources for education and workforce development of the next generation of scientists.

EarthScope Consortium continues operation of the NSF GAGE and SAGE Facilities previously operated by UNAVCO and IRIS.

timeline of UNAVCO and IRIS, EarthScope project, GAGE and SAGE facilities, and merger

Core Organizational Values

EarthScope’s core values are built upon a foundation of scientific and professional integrity. In order to accomplish our mission of research and education, as a community and science support organization, we value:

  • Advancement of community science goals and their relevance to society
  • Excellence, innovation, and cooperation in science, technology, education, and service
  • Open access to data products and scientific exchange
  • Data preservation and stewardship for future science and society
  • Transparent community governance
  • Cultivation of diverse scientific, educational, and social perspectives
  • Efficient and effective use of resources, and
  • Strong service ethic and a “can do” attitude

Annual Reports

2023 EarthScope Consortium Annual Report