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Continuous geophysical networks and project instrumentation support

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Access geophysical data and data products


Resources for education, outreach, and workforce development

Latest Geophysical Events

Earthquake 5 April 2024

M 4.8 New Jersey

At approximately 10:23 eastern and local time, a magnitude 4.8 earthquake occurred in New Jersey near the town of Clinton and 45 miles west of New York City.
Earthquake 4 April 2024

M 7.4 Taiwan

Historical Earthquake 28 March 2024

Historical M 9.2 Alaska (1964)

Earthquake 22 January 2024

M 7.0 China

Our Impact

Permanent GPS stations in polar regions
Gigabytes of GAGE borehole strain and seismic data delivered last quarter
Registered participants in 2023 virtual short courses

Latest News & Features

Announcements 11 April 2024

With computational notebooks, code can tell a story

If you aren’t yet familiar with notebooks, here’s a primer on what they are—and why many in science find them useful.