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Commercial Use

man lifts battery into GPS station enclosure
Engineer Sean Malloy servicing station FERN. (Photo: Scott Johnson/EarthScope)

Because some of our data products have both scientific and commercial value, we have created a licensing structure that accommodates multiple use cases. If you’re an academic, educational, or humanitarian user, we provide free and open access to data just as we always have.

However, users who charge for or collect any fees for GNSS positions or data products derived from the NSF GAGE facility must agree to a commercial license that allows such uses. We can provide high quality data under a simple fee structure—an annual subscription based on the number of simultaneous connections you use.

What we can offer

We can provide access to a dedicated NTRIP caster delivering low-latency, 1 Hz RTCM positions and MSM messages using multi-constellation GNSS observations from research-grade geodetic stations in the Network of the Americas*.

The Network of the Americas (NOTA) is an international geophysics sensor network spanning more than 20 countries and composed of more than 1,200 continuously operating instruments, including high-precision GNSS stations and borehole strain, seismic, and tilt instruments. Learn more about the network here or visit the network status map to locate stations.

Access to streams is available for an annual rate of $1,000 per stream connection. This provides access to any station, but not more than one station at a time.

*currently RTCM 3.3, MSM7 for all observable GNSS SV’s and bands that are supplied by the receiver. Some receivers only collect limited GNSS SV’s and bands.

How to obtain access

This service will be available on May 1, 2024. Check back here for instructions on registration and access.


Commercial users in need of technical support related to stream availability can email our Data Help Desk at