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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Accessibility at EarthScope

The EarthScope DEIA Committee’s mission is to lead and coordinate efforts to expose and act upon all forms of racism and discrimination in Geophysics and the broader Geosciences communities by modernizing institutional behaviors and policies to be more equitable and inclusive. The EarthScope DEIA Committee will facilitate an open feedback environment to drive collaboration, encourage input from stakeholders, and communicate the impacts that committee-coordinated activities have on the EarthScope staff and scientific community.

The charter for the EarthScope DEIA Committee includes the expectations and responsibilities of the committee and its members, and the EarthScope DEIA Action Plan outlines the priorities of this committee and the EarthScope organization. On this committee we aim to have representation from all directorates of the EarthScope organization, as well as a diversity of lived experience, institutional knowledge, and interests. No prior formal training is required, although members may take training as part of their responsibilities.

How to get involved

We welcome statements of interest from the current staff at EarthScope and PASSCAL. Responses collected by March 17th, 2023 will be reviewed by the EarthScope DEIA Committee and new members will join the committee starting at the first meeting in April (April 6th, 2023). The committee currently meets every other Thursday from 2-3 pm ET on Zoom; the schedule may change depending on the availability of members.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the current committee members via