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Science and Society
10 July 2024

NSF SAGE/GAGE Community Science Workshop highlights the breadth of the geophysical toolkit

The techniques in our geophysical toolkit have grown exponentially over the years. By understanding research in these fields using these tools, we can see the applications to geophysics and bettering society.

Science and Society
5 July 2024

Pairing machine learning with GNSS and InSAR could help forecast eruptions

A new machine learning methodology utilizes seismic data to see if a volcanic eruption can be forecasted.

Science and Society
2 July 2024

GPS monitoring of draining glacial lakes shows how one lake can affect another

A new study utilizing GPS station measurements on the Greenland Ice Sheet helps scientists understand how lakes atop the ice sheet seem to synchronously drain, providing insight into ice sheet stability.

Science and Society
13 June 2024

What’s tearing the western U.S. apart?

Different forces are tearing the western U.S. apart. Which ones are most important?

Science and Society
5 June 2024

GPS stations are now part of the ShakeAlert® Earthquake Early Warning System network

GPS stations augment seismometers, significantly improving the system’s ability to accurately detect the largest earthquakes.

Science and Society
27 May 2024

Greenland GPS network measures the ice sheet’s weight loss

In a recent study, researchers treat the entire GNET network as a single instrument weighing the loss of Greenland’s ice.

Science and Society
8 April 2024

GPS data capturing eclipse phenomena in ionosphere

The passing shadow of the eclipse creates a natural experiment, suddenly reducing solar energy to an isolated area of the ionosphere.

Science and Society
14 November 2023

NSF-funded GeoCode project demonstrates educational impact of coding and using large, real-world datasets

Students gain an authentic scientific experience by exploring large, real-world datasets and building coding skills with GeoCode’s educational modules.

Science and Society
17 October 2023

Corner reflectors installed at NOTA stations for NASA JPL Project

To facilitate calibration of InSAR ground displacement measurements, NASA JPL corner reflectors have been deployed next to NOTA stations along the San Andreas Fault. Check out this video to learn more!