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7 July 2023

Intern Spotlight: Jaden Hill (Student Career)

Jaden Hill is a Student Career intern entering her senior year at Columbia University studying environmental science and sustainable development. This summer, Jaden is working with a team of interns to assist the science communication team at EarthScope.

6 July 2023

Intern Spotlight: Sebastian Griego (Geo-Launchpad)

Sebastian Griego is a Geo-Launchpad intern that just completed his degree at Central New Mexico Community College in Earth and planetary sciences. This summer, Sebastian is working on a project to map and verify the composition of rare earth element ores and other critical minerals in Black Hawk mining district in Grants, New Mexico.

5 July 2023

Intern Spotlight: Grant Clark (URISE)

Grant Clark is a URISE intern attending Missouri University of Science and Technology studying geology and geophysics. This summer, Grant’s project aims to better understand the structure of the mantle plume beneath Iceland.

3 July 2023

Intern Spotlight: Mario Coronado (Student Career)

Mario Coronado is a Student Career intern that recently graduated from California State University, Monterey Bay studying environmental science with an emphasis on ecology. This summer, Mario will be creating a road map of how the NOTA network was built, how components are chosen for each site depending on that location’s environment, how the data is stored, and the applications for users.

Science and Society
30 June 2023

Fiber-Optic Cable Technology: A New Way to Study Firn in Greenland

Researchers interested in determining the depth of the firn layer within a glacier might spend six hours drilling, extracting, and analyzing a core in frigid temperatures. Recent research poses a new method for determining firn layer depth based on an exciting technology finding expanding applications in seismology.

29 June 2023

Intern Spotlight: Elishua Shepherd (RESESS)

Elishua Shepherd is a RESESS intern that recently finished his third year at Arizona State University studying Earth and Space Exploration (Geological Sciences). This summer, Elishua is working to conduct X-ray diffraction analysis.

28 June 2023

Intern Spotlight: Sarah Ayling (URISE)

Sarah Ayling is a URISE intern from Syracuse, New York. This summer, Sarah is working on a project at Cornell University focused on the Kodiak Island seismic nodal array.

27 June 2023

Intern Spotlight: Kaissa Inzunza Fonseca (Geo-Launchpad)

Kaissa Inzunza Fonseca, who goes by Kai for short, studies environmental planning at Central New Mexico College. This summer, Kaissa is working with a team in New Mexico to build a data collection on the local aquifer that’s accessible to the public.

26 June 2023

Intern Spotlight: Leah April (URISE)

Leah is a URISE intern and a rising senior at University of Texas at El Paso studying geophysics. This summer she will be using data from the South California Earthquake Catalog, SCEC, and will be focusing on the year of 2019 as this is when the Ridgecrest earthquakes occurred.