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Hayley Bricker

Position Science Communication Intern About Hayley (they/them) Hayley Bricker is a rising 5th year PhD student studying paleoclimate in the Department of Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences at UCLA. Their particular interest in geoscience started when they took a General Education course on earthquakes during their freshman year of university, and soon focused on environmental … Continued

Angelique Pena

Position Meeting Planner Intern About Angie (she/her) Angie Pena is a newly postgraduate student from SDSU with a bachelors degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management with an emphasis in Meetings & Events. Coming out of post graduation Angie wants to explore the different sectors of event coordination and see what it is like to do … Continued

Davie Loria

Position Science Communication Intern About Davie (she/her) Davie integrated science into her Journalism degree as much as possible in undergrad, paving the road for her to have a science communications career. Her physics Ph.D. research is on satellite remote sensing of the environment and aerosol-cloud-radiation-climate interactions and feedback. She loves reading and academia as ways … Continued

Ann Mariam Thomas

Position Educational Data and Resources Intern About Ann (she/her) Ann is an Earth and Planetary Sciences PhD student at Northwestern University, studying seismology and data science. Her PhD research investigates machine learning approaches for seismic event detection in a noisy urban environment. Her experience as a mentor and teaching assistant for a high school internship … Continued

Kitri Spencer

Project Educational Data and Resources Intern About Kitri (she/they) Kitri Spencer is finishing their Masters in Applied Environmental Geoscience at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. Their master’s project involved creating a place-based curriculum Geoscience on the San Juan River for introductory geoscience students. As a Educational Data and Resources intern, they will be working … Continued

Quincey Nielson

Position Field Engineer Intern (Alaska) About Quincey (any pronouns) Quincey Nielson is a rising 4th year undergraduate at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she is majoring in Solid Earth and Planetary Science with plans to pursue a master’s degree in Geophysics. Quincey has been passionate about seismology since she was a child, and loves … Continued

Marc Garcia

Project Cloud OnRamp Intern About Marc (he/him) Marc Garcia is a third-year PhD student in Geology at the University of Texas at El Paso. His research focuses on applying machine learning techniques to better understand seismogenic regions in southern Mexico. Marc’s interest in earthquake science began early in his undergraduate career where he merged his … Continued

Elise Meyer

Position Seismology Skill Building Workshop TA and Short Course Evaluation Intern About Ellie (she/her) Ellie Meyer is between her first and second years of a PhD program at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. Her research primarily focuses on ground motion modeling and basin/site amplification terms. She is a former middle school teacher and still loves … Continued

Jonas Andersen

Project Estimating flash flood velocity from video observations  About Jonas (he/him) Jonas Andersen is currently pursuing his Associate of Science at Front Range Community College in Westminster, Colorado. He has always had a passion for biology and chemistry, stemming from his interest when he was a Boy Scout. He found that he enjoyed the conservation … Continued

Joe Raymond Bermudez

Project Rare Earth Elements and Critical Minerals of New Mexico About Joe Ray (he/him) Geology student Joe Raymond Bermudez (he/him) is passionate about rocks and minerals, fueled by a family connection to mining and a drive to explore the state’s geological wonders. Joe Ray’s fascination with geology began with rockhounding adventures in New Mexico, fostering … Continued