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Joe Raymond Bermudez

Program: Geo-Launchpad

Year: 2024

Mentor: Dr. Virginia T. McLemore, (New Mexico Tech)


Rare Earth Elements and Critical Minerals of New Mexico

About Joe Ray (he/him)

Geology student Joe Raymond Bermudez (he/him) is passionate about rocks and minerals, fueled by a family connection to mining and a drive to explore the state’s geological wonders. Joe Ray’s fascination with geology began with rockhounding adventures in New Mexico, fostering a desire to understand the stories hidden within the rocks. Currently, he is a second-year college student pursuing an associate’s degree in geology with aspirations to transfer to the University of New Mexico to delve deeper into the world of mineralogy. Joe Ray interns at Geo Launchpad, assisting the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources’ Economic Geology Department by investigating the potential of critical minerals and rare earth elements within the state.