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Robb Austin

I’m currently the Purchasing Specialist, working closely with Procurement and FAB. I’ve been at IRIS/EarthScope for 22 years. I’m a HUGE Kentucky University basketball fan and (which should go without saying) love march madness.

Taunia Medina

In her free time Taunia enjoys working out, cooking, and anything outdoors.

James Downing

James oversees a small permitting team focused on drafting and renewing Network of the Americas permits, and manages legal documents, contracts, and agreements. As a licensed attorney in the State of Colorado, James also handles negotiations, legal research and analysis, and policy review. In his free time, James volunteers with the local Trout Unlimited chapter’s … Continued

Raquel Rizo

I’m an accountant and I love the variety of things I get to learn. I have a mini zoo with two dogs and two cats. My border collie takes up most of my attention and most of my pillow. I’ve been learning how to cross country ski and I have the scars to preserve my … Continued

Tori Repetti

Monthly, quarterly, and yearly budget creation, maintenance, and reporting for the core GAGE awards keep Tori in a steady state of caffeine consumption. To unplug, expanding her flower garden each season and updating her mid-90s house to Insta standards (she wishes) take up most of her free time.

Tim Reeme

Tim manages procurement as well as the fleet management for all of the field vehicles. When I am not working, I enjoy playing softball, walking my dog, hiking with my family and hanging out at the local brew pubs.

Susan Jeffries

I’m a long-time employee who administers many of the business-related applications including Dynamics, BI reporting, eRequester, BI360, and Sharepoint. I worked in science research for over 35 years and love data analysis. My free time is spent with my husband, kids, and dogs. My main hobbies are my koi pond, playing tennis, skiing, and tinkering … Continued

Judy Donato

In my off hours, I enjoy trying new baking recipes, going to Orange Theory with my husband and daughter, traveling (especially to warm weather destinations) and reading. I am a Disney World fanatic, a die-hard Chicago Cubs and Bears fan, and a Chicago foodie.

Jaime Magliocca

I’ve been around since 2005, when I started with UNAVCO! I have two daughters and am Team Cat.