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Science and Society
4 April 2024

Sensing potentially tsunamigenic Alaskan landslides resulting from retreating glaciers

As the world warms, glaciers retreat, leaving behind over-steepened slopes that are prone to landslides. In places like coastal Alaska, landslides that slip into the ocean can spell disaster.

Science and Society
12 February 2024

Seismometers listen in on ocean waves in a warming world

Wind-driven ocean waves beat on Earth’s seafloor, creating a continuous signal for which seismic stations around the world listen—a signal that is increasing.

Science and Society
16 October 2023

Fast and Slow: Chile’s subduction zone moves in distinct ways

Though Chile is known for several major earthquakes, the Atacama seismic gap features slow movement that scientists seek to unravel.

Science and Society
2 October 2023

Thorium spikes in Colorado streams could be caused by bedrock fractures

Changes in trace amounts of the element thorium in two Colorado catchments appear to be explained by subsurface fracturing. The cause of fracturing might be attributable to distant earthquakes.

Science and Society
28 July 2023

Two High Magnitude Earthquakes “Wake up” Fault System in Southwestern Türkiye, Triggering Over 200 Aftershocks

On February 6th, 2023, Türkiye and Syria experienced the devastating effects of two large (magnitude 7.8 and 7.5) earthquakes, which triggered more than 200 aftershocks. A recent study led by first author, Gesa Maria Petersen, maps two fault zones using data produced from these earthquakes, uncovering never before mapped fault sections and ground motion along these faults.