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Clocking a speeding glacier reveals the fate of a disappearing lake

Tags: GPS/GNSS, Greenland

The metaphor of a “slippery slope” is often invoked for things that might quickly get out of control, but in glaciology these words can be applied more literally. In a warming world, we want to know how quickly ice sheets can melt and raise sea level.

Scientists spy salty groundwater system beneath Antarctic ice stream

Tags: Antarctica, magnetotelluric, seismic imaging

Antarctica’s ice sheets are on the move, with the solid ice flowing toward the surrounding oceans. This exodus toward the coasts, explains Paul Winberry, a seismologist at Central Washington University, is enabled by fast moving ice streams—regions where liquid water located at the interface between the ice and underlying subsurface facilitates an ice sheet’s seaward slide.

2022 Board of Directors election results

Tags: governance

The results of 2023 EarthScope Consortium Board of Directors election are in. Thanks to all the amazing people who stepped up to run this year.