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Sebastian Griego

Program: Geo-Launchpad

Year: 2023

Mentor: Dr. Virginia T. Mclemore (New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources)


Acid Mine Potential of Black Hawk Mining District in Grants, New Mexico

About Sebastian (he/him)

Sebastian Griego is a junior undergraduate transferring from Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) to the University of New Mexico (UNM). After his completion of an Associate’s of Science at CNM, he will be continuing his Bachelor’s degree in Earth & Planetary Sciences at UNM. This summer, Sebastian will be mapping and determining the chemical composition of Silver veins in Grants, NM. The project is based in New Mexico Tech and uses lab equipment to look at the properties and characteristics of samples collected from the Black Hawk Mining District. Testing will include X-ray diffraction, Argon dating, and use of Scanning electron microscope. Future plans will include pursuing and completing more internship opportunities, through various national labs and government agencies like the USGS. With the ultimate goal of working as a field engineer for remote sensing instrumentation.

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