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Michael Rost

Software Engineer III

A small town kid from North Dakota with a passion for STEM before there was STEM, Mike left home after high school to join the Navy. After 25 years of service, in a couple of oceans and on a few other continents, working his way up through the ranks, he developed more than a few unique skills. After retirement he left that all behind to pick up the toughest job he ever loved, a single dad to four teenage kids. Moving beyond his 19 years experience as an environmental forecaster, he changed over to one of his true life’s passions, DevOps programming. Mike joined UNAVCO in 2014 in this capacity, keeping the Archive Groups code up to date while leading several hardware and software modernizations. Now a divorced semi-empty nester he has a laundry list of hobbies, leading a somewhat modern day DaVinci lifestyle with his interests and yes that does include Renaissance Faires. Foremost in his mind right now is to restore the classic 1969 Ford Mustang coupe he has in his driveway, while living daily life here in Colorado’s sprawling Metropolis.