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Elise Staat

Elise primarily supports NASA’s Global GNSS Network from the EPIC facility. She enjoys playing and writing music, traveling, and trying new activities.

Daniel Diaz

Daniel is a computer engineer based in California who helps service NOTA GNSS stations and the associated telecommunications equipment. Prior to joining the EarthScope team, he worked as a field engineer for the Alaska Earthquake Center, guided snowmobile tours in Fairbanks, and served as a non-commissioned officer in the Army. Outside of work he enjoys … Continued

Susan Stanford

Susan manages operations and logistics in the Polar regions, supporting Principle Investigator-led geophysical research.  She is based at the EarthScope Primary Instrument Center in New Mexico with seasonal deployments to McMurdo Station, Antarctica.  In her free time, she works on her homestead, adventure rides the backroads and trails of the southwest, and enjoys time with … Continued

Sam Jannke

As a Polar Engineer, I design seismic stations for polar regions and deploy them in the field. When I’m not working, I like to climb, run, sew, and read.

Jackie Gonzales

Jackie has been employed at the EarthScope Primary Instrument Center (formerly IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center) since 2004, initially joining on in an administrative support role. Her dedication and diligence propelled her into the position of International Logistics Coordinator in 2006. Over the years, she has played a pivotal role in transforming and fortifying the import/export … Continued

Dianna King

Dianna is a Polar Engineer II with the SAGE side. Outside of supporting seismic stations in Antarctica, Dianna loves to hike long international trails and travel the world. When at home in New Mexico, she enjoys hanging with friends, family, and her corgi, Elton

Derry Webb

Derry is an Engineer II at the EarthScope Primary Instrument Center (EPIC) located in Socorro, NM with 19+ years of experience in instrumentation primarily focused on broadband sensor repairs. In his off time, he enjoys home improvement projects and watching movies.