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Anh Ngo

Before becoming part of EarthScope, I have worked at the IRIS DMC since 1994. I am responsible for software coding for automatic processing for breqfast requests, data archiving, and various troubleshooting for data issues. I like helping users access their data for their research purposes.

Thad Megow

My full name is Thaddaeus Bartholomew Maximus Roush Megow and I am pleased to be a part of EarthScope as a Cloud Operations Engineer. I have a lifelong interest in computing and problem-solving. My professional career began 20 years ago, building and servicing networks for MSPs. I earned a BS in Computer Forensics and Digital … Continued

Michael Lane

Mike is a military brat, so if you ask where he’s from you might get a list, but Seattle has been his home for over a decade. In his spare time you will probably still find him tinkering with technology. He likes playing with his kids, “the music the words make”, reading, biking, hiking, sharing … Continued

Laura Keyson

I work with the Quality Assurance team, where I spend time creating and maintaining QA tools for network operators, PIs, and researchers. I also work on metadata-related projects, both internally and as an EarthScope representative for community projects. When I close my laptop and step away from work, I enjoy photography, hiking, international travel, sewing, … Continued

Un Joe

I have been a part of IRIS for many years before transitioning to EarthScope. I work with PIs and others in the seismic community who wish to archive their precious data to add to the rich reservoir made available for research and study.

Rob Casey

Rob supervises a talented team of software engineers that develop all aspects of the new EarthScope Data Services infrastructure as well as tools for fellow staff and our broad user community. When not enjoying the challenges of the software development lifecycle, Rob can be found tending to his homestead in North Bend, WA, strolling endless … Continued

Jerry Carter

Jerry is the Data Services Coordinator and is responsible for coordinating the activities and projects of EarthScope Data Services (DS) and for working with the VP in the planning, development, analysis of, and evolution of the DS Division. When not coordinating, Jerry can be found on the golf course.

Manochehr Bahavar

As a Data Scientist, I am involved with the development, production, and distribution of the SAGE data products.