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New GNSS offering—and licensing details for commercial use

Tags: data services

GPS antenna on bedrock outcrop in foreground, mountains and a glacier flowing into a glacial lake in the distance
GPS station AC35 at Petrof Lake in Alaska (Photo: Ryan Bierma)

We are pleased to announce a new capability supported by the NSF GAGE facility operated by the EarthScope Consortium. Starting on May 1, 2024, we will be allowing access to a dedicated NTRIP caster delivering low-latency RTCM positions and MSM messages using multi-constellation GNSS observations. The caster may be available as a beta service before May 1; we’ll provide status updates on our website.

A separate caster delivering GPS-only positions will be available as it always has been without the licensing described below, but we hope over the coming years to shift as many sites as possible to the multi-GNSS service as we upgrade hardware throughout NOTA.

Because the multi-constellation real-time position streams have both scientific and commercial value, we have created a licensing structure that accommodates multiple use cases, expanding on a pilot program we announced in January 2023. All users will be required to create a login and agree to a license agreement to access the new service.

Users who charge for or collect any fees for positions or data products derived from the NSF GAGE facility must accept a commercial license that allows such uses, and these users will have to pay an annual subscription based on the number of simultaneous connections they use. Please visit the Commercial Use page for more information.

Users who do not charge for positions or derived data products will have free and open use, but must still accept a non-commercial, end-user license that precludes charging for data or data products derived from NSF GAGE data.