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Sean Malloy

Program: Student Career Program

Year: 2018

Mentor: David Phillips and Christine Puskas


Student Assistant in Geodetic Data Services

About Sean

Sean is a geophysicist with a diverse background and a love for adventure. Having spent a large portion of his time in school as a journalism major, he ultimately graduated with a Physics degree from Virginia Tech in 2018. During his last year and a half in Blacksburg, he was able to combine his love of the outdoors, writing and physics as an undergraduate researcher in Dr. D. Sarah Stamps’ Geodesy and Tectonophysics Laboratory. As a UNAVCO intern, Sean was supervised by Christine Puskas and David Phillips. Sean’s work at UNAVCO involved the discovery and processing of dozens of GNSS/GPS velocity solutions from published sources to create a standard metadata/dataset format for UNAVCO Principle Investigators to use. He then used SQLite to create a database to hold these processed datasets to be integrated into the UNAVCO webservices at a later time. For his next step, Sean is taking a year off before starting graduate studies in geophysics with the ultimate goal of becoming a research professor. In his free time, he loves to spend time on his bike(s), tinkering with everything and making people laugh.