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Jessica Ghent

Program: Geo-Launchpad

Year: 2017

Mentor: Kevin C. McKinney and Chris Stuckey (USGS), Stephanie Pipis


Locating Fossils: Georeferencing and Mapping Invertebrates in the Western United States


About Jessica

Jessica is currently pursuing an A.S. in geology at Front Range Community College, and intends to transfer to the University of Colorado Boulder for geophysics. She hopes to one day attain a Ph.D. and work for the Volcano Disaster Assistance Program. Her passion for geosciences, and volcanoes in particular, stems from her childhood love of the best disaster film ever made, Dante’s Peak, and from her travels to Iceland and Costa Rica. As a Geo-Launchpad intern, Jess worked for the USGS, georeferencing fossil localities to complete collection databases for the Smithsonian.