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Amye Pedrino

Program: Geo-Launchpad

Year: 2017

Mentor: John Rhoades (USGS), Andrew Caldwell


Showcasing Minerals and Elements Critical to the National Security of the United States


About Amye

Amye is a physics major at CU Boulder. Amye was pursuing a degree in social work when she became suddenly and deeply interested in geosciences after taking geology and astronomy courses at Front Range Community College (Larimer campus). During the Geo-Launchpad program, Amye helped construct a mineral showcase at the United States Geological Survey Core Research Center (USGS-CRC) to promote public awareness concerning Rare Earth Elements (REE’s) and their importance to the national security of the United States. Amye plans to apply her multidisciplinary experiences towards contributing advancements in our global society.