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Common Sensor Platform v1 Design Meeting

Date(s): May 22-23, 2024
Location: Virtual

The Common Sensor Platform team is meeting to release a version 1 design for instrumentation components and engineering practices, and invites interested community members to attend two virtual sessions and provide feedback.


Wednesday, May 22 1:00-3:00pm PDT (other time zones)

Presentation and discussion on v1 design for community members

Thursday, May 23 8:30-9:30 PDT (other time zones)

Demo and discussion of station builder interactive web tool

How to join

Please register for a link to join the meeting virtually. If you have a question about the meeting, email


The Common Sensor Platform project is working to standardize deployments with scalable and modular elements where possible to streamline project support across our suite of geophysical instrumentation. Read more in our April 2023 news post.

The EarthScope team is meeting in San Diego to release the v1 design and engineering protocols they’ve been building over the past two years, and to begin planning their next steps. This is also an opportunity to present this design to interested community members and gather their feedback before official release and implementation.

Additionally, the team has been working on an interactive web tool to help users configure station components before requesting support. This tool will allow you to see power demand and estimate the number of solar panels and/or batteries you’ll need. After a walkthrough of the first version of the tool, the team is looking for general feedback and requests for additional functionality.