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Intern Spotlight: Summer Czarnowski (RESESS)

Tags: internships

Summer Czarnowski is entering their last semester at North Dakota State University for their degree in geology. They are one of EarthScope’s Summer 2024 RESESS Interns at Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque.

Intern Spotlight: Quincey Nielson (Student Career)

Tags: internships

Quincey Nielson is entering their fourth year at Georgia Institute of Technology for their bachelors in solid Earth and planetary science. They are EarthScope’s Summer 2024 Alaska Field Engineer Career Intern.

Intern Spotlight: Bailey Fitzgerald (Student Career)

Tags: internships

Bailey Fitzgerald is a fourth year PhD student at Ohio State University studying the relationship between earthquakes and underwater landslides. This summer Bailey has been selected to participate in the Student Career Internship program as a science communication intern.