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Intern Spotlight: Elliz McClelland (URISE)

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This summer we’re introducing interns from URISE, RESESS, Student Career, and Geo-Launchpad programs to highlight their research projects and how EarthScope programs further their career goals.

Elliz McClelland is originally from Michigan but is spending this summer in Denver, CO and Hawai’i. They are currently a senior at Michigan Technological University, pursuing a degree in Geology. 

Elliz has been selected to participate in the URISE internship program and is working with Paul Bedrosian at the United States Geological Survey Denver office on creating a 3-D resistivity model of the Valles Caldera located in New Mexico. Elliz has collected data from the field for his research and is going to process this data alongside available seismic data to create a resistivity map of the subsurface of the Valles Caldera. After graduating, they plan to work in geophysical research or consulting with hopes to one day work for the USGS. 


  • Can you tell me about your favorite part of the internship so far? 

My favorite part of the internship experience so far has been my field work experience with my mentor. We spent a week camping at the Valles Caldera National Preserve in order to collect magnetotelluric data from 16 locations, which will complement the data previously collected at the Valles. I got to see a lot of really cool wildlife like elk and prairie dogs, and experienced my first major hailstorm.

  • Can you tell me about your hobbies and what you like to do in your free time?

My favorite hobbies include hiking, reading, and playing video games. I have a cat named Goose back home who I miss very much and I can’t wait to be able to play with him again–does that count as a hobby?