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2022 Board of Directors election results

Tags: governance

The results of 2023 EarthScope Consortium Board of Directors election are in and the members of the inaugural EarthScope Consortium Board are listed below. Thanks to all the amazing people who stepped up to run this year. We had an excellent slate of talented, community-minded individuals and we appreciate their willingness to serve the EarthScope community. We’ll be looking for nominations and volunteers for the new set of EarthScope Consortium Advisory Committees soon, so please think about how you could best participate.

The complete 2023 EarthScope Consortium Board of Directors is:

Chair of Board of Directors, for a two-year term (first year as Chair, second year as Board Member):
— Lara Wagner, Carnegie Institution for Science

Chair Elect of Board of Directors, for a three-year term (first year as Chair-elect, subsequent years as Chair):
— Gareth Funning, University of California, Riverside

Board members, for three-year terms:
— Kristel Chanard, Institut de physique du globe de Paris
— Zachary Eilon, University of California, Santa Barbara
— Beatrice Magnani, Southern Methodist University

Board members, for two-year terms:
— Tonie van Dam, University of Utah
— Rowena Lohman, Cornell University
— Frederik Simons, Princeton University

Transition Board members, appointed from current IRIS and UNAVCO Boards, for one-year terms:
— Jeffrey Freymueller, Michigan State University (from IRIS Board)
— Brandon Schmandt, University of New Mexico (from IRIS Board)
— Anne Sheehan, University of Colorado (from UNAVCO Board)
— Leigh Stearns, The University of Kansas (from UNAVCO Board)