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Tadesse Alemu

Program: Student Career Program

Year: 2018

Mentor: Beth Pratt-Sitaula


Student Assistant in Geodetic Tools for Societal Issues (GETSI)

About Tadesse

Tadesse is a PhD candidate in Geology at Oklahoma State University, where he does research related to basin analysis by integrating field-based studies with remote sensing data, and lab work. The main objective of Tadesse’s dissertation is to document the salient geologic and geophysical features of what is possibly the only completely exhumed IntraCONtinental Sag (ICONS) basin that is located in the western flank of the Afar Depression, in the East African Rift System. His work has important implications for understanding crustal dynamics, and resources distribution within basins referred to as cratonic or intracontinental. Tadesse received his B.S. and M.S. in Geology from Addis Ababa University–Ethiopia, where he also served as a lecturer for about 2 years. This summer, as an intern on the GETSI project, Tadesse interacted with authors from six colleges and universities supporting them with GPS data requests, ArcGIS needs, copyright issues, preparing figures, short lectures, manuals, and getting himself familiar with field GPS data collection and processing.