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Sara Mirzaee

Program: Student Career Program

Year: 2020

Mentor: Scott Baker


Student Assistant in Geodetic Data Services

About Sara (she/her)

Sara is a Ph.D. candidate in Geoscience studying at the University of Miami. She is originally from Iran and came to the US in 2017. She completed her bachelor as a Geomatics engineer and studied Remote Sensing as her master in Iran. She found her interest in learning about Earth via radar remote sensing. In her master’s, Sara worked on polarimetric radar images to study phenology in agriculture and after graduation, she started working on monitoring landslides using InSAR and GPS over Alborz range. That experience made her more enthusiastic to continue InSAR applications and lead her to study volcanoes. As an intern in the 2020 USIP program, she has been part of the GeoSCIFramework project, working on the development of processing workflows and populating SAR data.