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Samantha Eckes

Program: Student Career Program

Year: 2018

Mentor: Jim Normandeau


Student Geologistics Technician

About Samantha

Samantha is a geologist originally from the Hudson Valley in New York. Samantha’s interest in geology and remote sensing started with a fascination in photography. After receiving a degree in photography, she completed her bachelors at SUNY Geneseo and followed by her masters at Auburn University. Her general interests include planetary geology, fluvial systems, geophysics and learning new methods for collecting data in the field. This summer, Samantha helped create a workflow for the 3DR drones and worked on building a RC plane. She also created and completed projects using the 3D printer and helped maintain the warehouse and campaign materials for GPS/GNSS units. She appreciated everything the USIP internship program taught her and is excited to move to Portland, OR in August.