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Moira Edwards

Program: Geo-Launchpad

Year: 2024

Mentor: Dr. Enrico Zorzetto (New Mexico Tech)


Understanding the drivers of the inter annual variability of floods and droughts in the Southeastern US

About Moira (she/her)

Moira Edwards is a dedicated student entering her third year at Red Rocks Community College in Denver, Colorado, where she is pursuing degrees in engineering and geology. Her academic journey reflects a strong interest in understanding the Earth’s systems, particularly in relation to water dynamics. Moira plans to further her education at CU Boulder, focusing on hydrology to deepen her understanding of water resource management. As part of the Geo-Launchpad internship, she will analyze datasets including rainfall, streamflow, and climate indices data, using Python for data analysis tasks. Moira’s goal is to investigate correlations between streamflow and atmospheric variables, as well as quantify the probability of extreme events like droughts and floods, contributing valuable insights to environmental science and engineering.