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Mario Coronado

Program: Student Career Program

Year: 2023

Mentor: Liz Van Boskirk


Field Engineer Intern

About Mario (he/him)

Yo! My name is Mario. I am a recent graduate from Cal State Monterey Bay, where I studied Environmental Science with an emphasis in Applied Ecology. For my culminating capstone project, I studied acorn predation and acorn burial as factors of Valley Oak regeneration. I have spent some time working on camera trap networks which help record present wildlife in California. I am passionate about environmental justice, education, and research. I am excited to be a Field Engineer Intern because I get to learn about the wide variety of technologies used for geophysics and remote networks. I enjoy fieldwork because it challenges me to be prepared, learn technical skills, and create solutions to unexpected problems. I hope to learn more about geologic processes so I could look at a mountain, and visualize how it was made. Most importantly, I am excited to explore! I am so excited to travel and see the wonders of the pacific Northwest

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