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Maeve Wilder

Program: Geo-Launchpad

Year: 2020

Mentor: Amanda Lower and Christy-Ann Archuleta (USGS), Blake Mayberry


Uncharted Territory: Reviewing the USGS Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for future hydrographic mapping endeavors


About Maeve (he/her)

Maeve lived all over the U.S. before finally settling in Colorado and realizing her interest in Earth Sciences. She just graduated from Red Rocks Community College with an Associates of Geography and is planning on getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science from Fort Lewis College. Her other interests include skiing, art, and playing cello. Over the summer Maeve is working with the USGS to test training processes and the standard operating procedure for their Alaskan Elevation-derived Hydrography project. The results of her feedback will inform the training process for future data reviewers on the project.