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Madalyn Massey

Program: Geo-Launchpad

Year: 2021

Mentor: Lindsay Powers and Michaela Johnson (USGS), Jamie Dahl


Compiling and Creating Recommended Practices for the Preservation of Geological Data to Promote the FAIR principles


About Madalyn (she/her)

Madalyn is a student at Front Range Community College, in Fort Collins, CO. Madalyn currently studies Natural Resources as a first generation college student. As a first generation student, she has studied a variety of scientific courses, such as social sciences, chemistry, environmental science and forestry. She has decided to pursue a path as a supporter of science. Madalyn values the importance of inclusion, communication and connection between public and science. With these in mind, Madalyn seeks a future where research and data is more accessible and will practice this, this summer, on her project with United States Geological Survey (USGS). As a Geo-Launchpad intern, Madalyn will research, evaluate, and compile best practices regarding the preservation of geological data. The second part of the program is the planning, and participating to conduct a series of virtual webinars. Madalyn will further develop her skills and research practices, to better herself as a student, and future scientist.