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Jamie O’Reilly

Program: Geo-Launchpad

Year: 2022

Mentor: Rachael Hamby (Western Resource Advocates), Janet Stomberg


Wildfire Woes | Social Inequalities Present in Vulnerable Communities Threatened by Wildfires


About Jamie (she/her)

Jamie is finishing her final classes at Red Rocks Community College for her Associates of Engineering Science Degree. She is currently planning to transfer to Colorado School of Mines to pursue a Humanitarian Engineering degree with a focus in Community Development, as well as exploring Public Policy. Jamie’s personal background and life experience, in combination with her work in the Trenfy Honors program at Red Rocks, have led her to find her passion of working with marginalized communities and researching the interconnected issues of poverty and climate change. She is working with Western Resource Advocates and will be spending her internship researching how wildfires disproportionately affect different communities and determining possible policy recommendations.