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Ian Sulley

Program: Student Career Program

Year: 2022

Mentor: Doug Ertz


Data Technician Intern

About Ian (he/him)

Ian is an undergraduate student at Union College majoring in computer engineering and minoring in embedded machine learning. This summer Ian is working with the UNAVCO web services team to lift current infrastructure into the cloud. Ian is responsible for transitioning the image database used by field engineers to a new, cloud-based platform. This will require developing a new API layer and migrating the existing database to the cloud. Ian is also involved in designing and deploying new AWS infrastructure to improve UNAVCO’s revamped image service. Upgrades will focus on improving service usability and performance while maintaining the existing functionality that enables researchers to access the data they need. When not building ETL data pipelines, Ian enjoys spending time in nature and organizing mutual-aid networks within his local community.