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Ellen Knappe

Program: Student Career Program

Year: 2016 , 2017

Mentor: Ken Austin


Student Assistant in Alaska Field Operations

About Ellen

Ellen is normally a PhD candidate at University of Montana working towards her degree in active tectonics. She was very excited to return for another summer to work with the Alaska team. Ellen spent the summer flying around in the helicopter, working in the rain, swatting bugs, eating way too many gummy bears, staying very caffeinated and annoying the Alaska engineers with her horrible singing. She appreciated the opportunity to spend another great summer working and exploring Alaska with the AK team. During her internship, Ellen helped maintain and improve the Alaska PBO network. She worked with the Alaska engineers to troubleshoot issues, repair and configure equipment, enhance network communication systems and increase the robustness of power systems at stations across the state. She also learned how to quality check GPS data, monitor the network for issues and fabricate equipment for deployment. Ellen enjoyed furthering her skills as a geodesist and learning new skills and techniques from the AK team.