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Danielle Matthews

Program: Geo-Launchpad

Year: 2023

Mentor: Dr. Sharon Bywater-Reyes (Univ. of Northern Colorado)


Contributions to the Resilient St. Vrain Project—How geomorphology and macroinvertebrates provide insight to flood mitigation efforts in Northern Colorado

About Danielle (they/them)

Danielle is continuing their education as a junior at University of Denver come fall. They will be triple majoring in Archaeology, Geography, and History because why choose just one! Their love of how the environment helps create a culture is what got them into environmental science, but most days you can find them reading about culture or history. The RSVP is a project that they are incredibly excited about and found the subject to be a fascinating one in previous courses they have attended. They can’t wait to make a career out of digging in the earth!

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