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Caleb Regier

Program: Geo-Launchpad

Year: 2024

Mentor: Dr. Virgina McLemore (New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources)


Geology of Critical Minerals in New Mexico

About Caleb (he/him)

Caleb Regier is a student at Community College of Denver. He is currently pursuing an associates degree in science, with plans to transfer and major in archeology. After graduating he would like to pursue a master’s in geo-archeology. As a first-generation college student facing many challenges in achieving a higher education, he is excited to work with Geo-Launchpad to help further research at New Mexico Tech. Caleb joined Virginia McLemore’s team as a summer intern and was introduced to a myriad of tools used to study rocks for potential critical minerals. He studied the Copper Flat mine in the Hillsboro mining district New Mexico. He examined the tailings from when the mine was in production to find the concentration of critical minerals within the profile. This research aided in understanding how oxidation is happening within this type of waste at this unique copper deposit and the economic value to further prospects at this location.