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Austin Madson

Program: Student Career Program

Year: 2015

Mentor: Beth Pratt-Sitaula


Student Assistant in Geodetic Data for Undergraduate Education

About Austin

Austin is currently wrapping up his master’s work at the University of California – Los Angeles in the Department of Geography. He will continue research while working on the PhD in the same department. His current research is focused on crustal loading and lithospheric flexure utilizing remotely sensed datasets, with more broad interests in varying types of hydrologic remote sensing, RADAR remote sensing technologies (PolSAR and DInSAR), real world applications in the use of Remote Sensing (RS) and GIS, integration of RS and GIS technologies and coupled human/environ systems. During the past two summers at UNAVCO, Austin focused on processing varying types of datasets (GPS, LiDAR, DInSAR, GRACE, SWE, and groundwater) in order to create products that will be implemented into undergraduate learning modules for the Geodesy Tools for Societal Issues (GETSI) project. The goal for the project is to develop teaching materials for engaging undergraduate students in addressing societally important Earth science questions through the use of geodetic data.