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2023 The Math Your Earth Science Majors Need Workshop

Date(s): June 4-8, 2023
Location: Colorado School of Mines campus - Golden, CO
Deadline: Workshop FULL - deadline was February 17


Quantitatively skilled Earth science graduates are critical to meeting the needs of the workforce and the country. This workshop will bring together Earth science instructors to develop co-curricular modules to support undergraduate majors-level quantitative skill development and plan for their testing in 2023-24 academic year.

This workshop will gather ~18 faculty members and facilitators to develop and plan for the testing of quantitative skill support modules for majors-level undergraduate geoscience courses. Participants will have reasonable travel costs reimbursed and receive stipends upon the completion and acceptance of their module and the successful implementation of one or more modules in their courses.

For additional information, visit the Workshop pages on The Math You Need website.