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@EER 2024: Improving the Sustainability of Data-rich Activities through the Community Contribution Tool

Date(s): July 14-17, 2024
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Some curriculum materials have datasets and related resources that can become out-of-date or unavailable. To address this issue, this workshop will introduce the Community Contribution Tool (CCT), which facilitates updating datasets, graphs, and other components of data-rich activities hosted on the Teach the Earth website. Participants will test the use of the CCT by helping to update InTeGrate and GEodesy Tool for Societal Issues (GETSI) resources and to develop community recommendations for robust data-rich activity development. Up to $1150 stipends are available for participation.

For additional information, visit the workshop webpage on the Earth Educators Rendezvous 2024 website.


Application deadline was April 1 but some spaces may be available. Check the workshop webpage.