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2023 Seismology Skill Building Workshop

Date(s): June 5 to August 25, 2023
Location: Virtual
Deadline: Registration closed

The seismology skill building workshop is a FREE ~70 hour online course to build scientific computing and computational thinking skills while working with seismic data. Participants should expect to invest approximately 5-6 hours per week, including participating in the weekly webinar (or watching the recording).  At the end of the workshop participants receive a performance report certificate. This certificate describes module content, the number of assignments completed, and the average score for each module.

Primary Audience: Undergraduate students (e.g…. computer science, geophysics, geology, math, physics, engineering) and recent graduates who will be starting graduate school.

Secondary Audience: Graduate students and anyone else seeking to develop scientific computing skills within a seismological context (graduate students should recognize that this is an introductory workshop).

Minimum Requirements: There are no-minimum course or experiential requirements. However, students who have completed at least one semester of math and physics will be best able to benefit from the course. All participants will need to have an internet connection capable of streaming (e.g. Zoom, or recorded videos) and a laptop/desktop computer (recommended), chromebooks, or tablet to connect.