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Workshop Report: Modern and Ancient Basement Arches and the Connection to Flat Slab Subduction


By Megan Anderson (CC), Kate Miller (TAMU), Susan Beck (UA), and Margarete Jadamec (UH) - Fall 2014

The structural dissimilarity between basement-involved arches and thin…

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New EarthScope Geochronology Graduate Student Research and Training Program


Organizers: Rebecca Flowers (CU), Ramon Arrowsmith (ASU), Jim Metcalf (CU), Blair Schoene (Princeton), Tammy Rittenour (USU) - Fall 2014

The EarthScope Institute on…

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Using the Midcontinent Rift as a Unifying Theme for Park Interpreters and Educators


By Seth Stein, Carol Stein, and Eunice Blavascunas - Fall 2014

One of EarthScope’s major targets is the Midcontinent Rift (MCR), a 1.1 billion-year-old scar along which…

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Transportable Array Contributes to the Central and Eastern US Network


By Perle Dorr, IRIS - Spring 2014

The National Science Foundation is funding the creation of a Central and Eastern US Network (CEUSN) for the purpose of obtaining long-…

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Earthquakes and Human Activities Addressing Public Concerns


North Texas Earthquake Study Group, Southern Methodist University - Spring 2014

There is currently public, scientific, and policy concern regarding the recent increased…

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Stability of PBO GPS Monument Types


Project Highlight
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PBO Weighs California’s Water Resources


By Donald Argus, Yuning Fu, and Felix Landerer - Summer 2014

Approximately 500 sites in California, most of which are part of the Plate Boundary Observatory, are weighing…

Dark, ash-covered snow near the summit of Shishaldin Volcano in the Aleutians is evidence of ongoing low-level eruptive activity near PBO’s AV37 GPS station. (Photo/Ryan Bierma, UNAVCO)

Helicopter Fieldwork in the PBO Alaska Region


By Ellie Boyce - Summer 2014

With high-elevation GPS stations melting out of the snow and the weather becoming milder, the PBO Alaska region began annual helicopter-based…

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New Flexible Array Video Series


By ESNO - Winter 2014

Geology might not be the first thing that comes to mind if you heard the names SESAME, CAFÉ, SUGAR, and OIINK, but these are just a few examples of…

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Hitting Hot Water with PBO Borehole Strainmeters in the Yellowstone Caldera


By Glen Mattioli and David Mencin - Winter 2014

Data from the Yellowstone Gladwin Tensor strainmeter (GTSM) network are improving the understanding of the structure of…