IRIS 2016 workshop participants gathered in Vancouver, WA, for a week of scientific presentations, discussions, field trips, and workshops.

IRIS 2016 Workshop


Highlights Emerging Fields and Technologies in Seismology
PBO Station AV03

Augustine Island, Alaska


PBO Station AV03 Takes a Blow

2016 AGeS Awardees


Summer 2016

The EarthScope AGeS (Awards for Geochronology Student Research) program is a multi-year educational initiative aimed at enhancing interdisciplinary, innovative, and high-impact

Site map of the MT Array in AK

To Boldly Go… EarthScope Firsts in Alaska


While staying true to its intent as a telescope to peer into Earth’s interior, EarthScope has also been looking up to the heavens.
UNAVCO banner

2016 UNAVCO Science Workshop


New Uses for the Plate Boundary Observatory
The 2002 Denali earthquake surface rupture crosses alluvial fans, as imaged in EarthScope lidar data.

Drawing Lines from the Air


High-resolution Topographic Data Comes of Age
Installing a continuous GPS station at Macmillan Pass, Canada.

Mackenzie Mountains Mystery: New EarthScope Project Peers Underneath an Unlikely Mountain Range


By Kerry Klein - Winter 2016

At first blush, the Mackenzie Mountains in northern Canada could be the Rocky Mountains’ long lost sibling. They appear just as angular and…

Installed seismometer and continuous GPS site. Canada

Supporting Earth Science in the Canadian Sub-Arct


By Justin Sweet - Winter 2016

Canada’s Yukon and Northwest Territories are not known as hospitable land. This sub-arctic region, home to the Mackenzie Mountains project, presented

Station AC46

Back to Mothership


How PBO data get from Everywhere to somewhere
Earthscope Globe

The Cascadia Initiative: A Sea Change in Seismolog


By Cascadia Initiative Expedition Team (CIET)[] - Winter 2015


The increasing public awareness that the