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The Multi-Chambered Heart of Mount St. Helens


Enhancing earthquake detection and imaging beneath the volcano
USA STEM Festival, 2016

Fall 2016 Education Corner


For every InSights issue, we feature two of the dozens of tools, modules, and activities that utilize EarthScope data to benefit a wide variety of users. We intend to reach K–12 and university educators, as well as informal programs like museums.

Good Times, Better Ages


How the EarthScope AGeS program evolved
PBO station Highlight

Triangulation Point, Oregon


PBO Station P405 battles the elements at an energetic plate boundary
STEM Festival in Washington DC

Getting Hands On With EarthScope


By ESNO - Spring 2016

"Wow, it's moving!" was called out frequently in the busy hall that housed the largest (and free!) national science festival. More than 365,000 people of all ages and

PBO AC55 station

Creeping Calamity


Using the Plate Boundary Observatory to monitor landslide motion. GPS Station AC55 in Alaska was moving more than expected. Some movement was normal due to tectonic plate movement and residual motion from previous earthquakes—other GPS stations...

A Magnetic Meeting of Space and Earth


Magnetic storms, triggered by the interaction of the solar wind with Earth’s magnetosphere, not only produce our aurora light shows, but can also induce electric fields in our planet’s subsurface.
USA Festival

Summer 2016 Education Corner


Over the years, an array of tools, modules, and activities applying EarthScope scientific data have been developed for a wide variety of users. K–12 and university educators, or informal programs like museums, can benefit from these resources.
Teleseismic P-wave cross-section (Humphreys et al., 2015), with Rayleigh wave image of crust (Shen et al., 2013). Wyoming high-velocity mantle extends to ~300 km.

Recent Craton Growth by Under-accreting an Ocean Plateau Beneath Wyoming


Science Nugget - By Eugene Humphreys (University of Oregon Eugene) and Robert van der Hilst (MIT) - NSF # EAR 952194 | 2010-2012

Seismic tomography images high-velocity…

Earthscope Globe

Crustal Strength Profiles Across the Brittle-Ductile Transition


Science Nugget - By John Platt (University of Southern California) and W. M. Behr (University of Texas Austin) - NSF EAR # 0809443 | 2008-2012 

In this project we…