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inSights Spring 2018
The El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake rupture across a road

PBO Station Highlight: P496 Is Only One Piece of the Story


PBO station P496 not only shook during the 7.2 El Mayor–Cucapah earthquake in northwestern Mexico, but moved permanently as a result of it.
Installing an MT-TA station (NDD28) near New Johns Lake, North Dakota, on October 19, 2017. (Image courtesy of Fred Anderson, North Dakota Geological Survey)

Mapping North America’s Magnetic Personality


Completing a Cross-Country Dataset of Magnetotelluric Observations
Seismic waves translated into sound

Education Corner


We explore the senses in this issue, from visual resources for current events-based lessons, to mapping with lasers, to learning about seismic waves through sound. Bonus materials: What wildlife sets off seismic sensors?
Emily Hopper

Emily Hopper


Humans of EarthScope: "The stuff we’re researching is fundamental to how the whole planet functions."
Background: View of the Georgia Mountain Research & Education Center, where rural schoolkids come to learn about seismic monitoring (Photo by Rob Hawman). Inset: Fourth-grade students examine seismograms for an "earthquake" they have generated during an outdoor Environmental Field Day event at the center, which is near Blairsville, GA. (Image from Peggy Schneider, GMREC Community Council)



EarthScope seismic research inspires landowners and students in Georgia
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EarthScope Announcements


inSights Winter 2017-18
Students learn firsthand, from UNAVCO field engineer Ryan Turner, how the GPS station at Olivelands Elementary School measures ground movement. The lesson includes discussing why monitoring plate movement is important for the students’ community. (Photo by Beth Bartel, UNAVCO)

PBO Station Highlight


Station OVLS introduces students to plate movement
Station Specialist Jason Theis explains some of the “brains” of the Transportable Array station. (Photo by Beth Grassi)

Inter-Agency Collaborations Take Center Stage at EarthScope Transportable Array Meeting in Alaska


New Alaska data reaches beyond earthquakes
Rob Hawman

Rob Hawman


I got into geology originally because I was always fascinated by the history of the earth.