EarthScope's use of advanced instrumentation permits us to answer some of the outstanding questions in Earth Sciences by looking deeper, increasing resolution, and integrating diverse measurements and observations. Support for science projects is primarily awarded via a rigorous process of peer review of proposals submitted to the National Science Foundation. Thematic Working Groups, which are informal discussion groups open to the entire research community are responsible for identifying the important questions we're calling Big Ideas, and keeping track of the progress towards answering those questions.

Data Access

Freely available, high precision data can be viewed as the most important legacy of the National Science Foundation's largest investment in solid-Earth Science.

Data Products

Links to some models and higher order data products developed by EarthScope researchers. This page complements the databases provided by the EarthScope facilities and the formal cyberinfrastructure currently under development.

Complementary Data

To foster integration, we provide links to many types of complementary data. We urge the research community to submit additional links to the EarthScope National Office.