EarthScope Resources for Educators

Below are a few links to excellent Earth Science educational animations, video lectures, and other electronic resources for Educators.

Additional Resources

Exploring Earthquakes

  • Seismic Monitor – This is a real-time monitor of global earthquakes.
  • Teachable Moments - Teachable Moments presentations capture that unplanned opportunity to bring knowledge, insight, and critical thinking to the classroom following a newsworthy earthquake.
  • REV (Rapid Earthquake Viewer) – This gives you access to data from seismograph stations around the world. REV monitors the earth and posts information about recent earthquakes so you can see where they happened and view the seismograms from global seismograph stations for every notable earthquake. REV even lets you check up on seismograph stations in your area, so if you think you felt the ground shake
  • IRIS Earthquake Browser - is an interactive map service for viewing Earthquake Epicenters superimposed on a map of the world. The IEB is useful both educationally and as a research tool.
  • Wave Visualizations - Animated ground movement of seismic waves. The visualizations show how the ground moves as seismic waves sweep across about 400 earthquake recording stations in EarthScope’s Transportable Array.


  • Handouts on Earthquakes and Seismology –The one-page handouts are related to seismology for use in the classroom or public information forums and provide additional resources for earthquake lessons.